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Two Minds - The Other Room

Jan. 20th, 2009 07:12 pm Two Minds

Or, Why Barack Obama is a Historic President, and I Hate All You Lefty Swine.

The tone, and indeed, the title of this commentary of This Our Historic Inauguration owes itself to something that happened after I determined on writing it. Such is the process of inspiration.

I think I've made enough hints that President Obama was not my guy. The reasons are ideological, and irrelevant. The point is that I have been well and truly interested in watching the fellow take command, and as such have avoided, privately and publicly, the sour-grapes petulance and doom-mongering that others of my side of the aisle have indulged in. I took at face value those who said "enough bickering, let's all get along." Sure, it was self-serving now that their boy had won, sure a similar appeal from the other side four years ago would have drawn spit and brickbats (as it did eight years ago), but hey, an olive branch is an olive branch, right?

Then, I observed the super-classy good-bye that the supporters of Hope and Change and Unity gave our outgoing President as he left. 

You just had to, didn't you? You couldn't just enjoy your victory, couldn't just let the man slip away beneath the radar of your Profound and Righteous Contempt. You had to channel your inner adolescent and flip him one last bird, just in case we haven't been privy, with diamond clarity, to your exact opinions on the matter. You just had to get in that final kick.

Well, I'd like to thank you for it. You see, observing the new President's command of rhetoric this afternoon, I was filled with charity and goodwill towards all involved. I had paused to admire the persona that had been placed before me, and to hope that said persona matched up with the reality of the man and the mood of the nation. So thank you, Obamanauts, Democrats, and Affiliated Liberals, for reminding me that when you say "post-partisan" you really mean "mono-partisan", and that when you say "Unity," you mean "Submission".  Thank you for again putting your stark, naked juvenility and hate in contrast to the kissy-faced gruel of your so-called idealism. I had forgot myself, and whom I was dealing with. You may now take your Unity, Hope, and Change, compact it tightly, and cram it someplace uncomfortable, like the back of a Volkswagen.

Am I being unfair? Am I making a big deal out of nothing? I don't care. Call it the straw that broke the back. If the rage you folk have spewed like a Kuwaiti oil-well fire these past eight years wasn't enough to satiate your indignation, nothing ever will be. And if that's the case, then it doesn't matter whether I demurr thoughtfully from President Obama's polici decisions or make unkind and bitter cracks about JugEars Hussein McRezko and his Wife's Klingon Battle Gown. I am the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, and now it's my turn.

And so I would have left it. But as I drove home, I pulled to a stop at the corner of Edison Highway and one street or another, and saw, standing in the below-freezing winter, an African-American man at the traffic island holding an American flag. Holding it large, and holding it proud. And I was touched. Here was a man in the heart of a poor, run-down neighborhood in a city with an astronomic murder rate and a mayor facing indictment for corruption, this son of second-class citizens and ancestor of slaves, and all he could do was stand in the public sqaure and express his love of his country. It felt as though a piece of the Great Puzzle had clicked finally into place, as though he was saying "All that is over. Today, I am an American." I honked my horn and gave him a horrible left-handed salute, as though to say "Welcome, Brother."

And sure, if ever we met after today, when the Honeymoon is over and the realities of our politics again supersede, we'd probably have little to say to one another. And the significance of the exchange in my mind and in his may be as different as our politics. But, dammit, it felt good to greet a stranger of another race in fellowship with my window rolled down in Baltimore. For that, whatever else I may say of him, President Obama has my thanks.

The rest of you? It's on like Donkey Kong. From Nancy "Take Me To Your Leader" Pelosi on down.

(Cross-posted at the Protein Wisdom Pub)

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