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The Great Blog-Shift of 2011

I now have a blog with my name on it: It's going to be my only blog, which means this livejournal is now dead (irony. Far out). Read the following to understand why. Or just skip and go the new shiny blog. That's what I would do.

Blogging is difficult. It takes time and energy, and gives back but little. The internet is literally littered with dead blogs, many of whom expired after the first post.

I have killed my blogs on several different occasions. My baby blog of 2003, The Notion, gave way to The Essayist in 2004. Don't look for them; they're gone. I tired of The Essayist in 2007, in a time of great personal change (getting married, moving, leaving one job and seeking another) and let them both lie fallow. That's when I started this LiveJournal, as a kind of irregular online diary.

But I couldn't stay away. Once my career settled again, I found I still wanted a forum for my expression. The Notion was revived first, in late 2009, as a music blog, and eventually became Genre Confusion. And then, one night the following February, I let the TV settle on MSNBC, and heard a Keith Olbermann Special Comment. The rest is History. 

So the Essayist returned from the grave, getting its own name shift, becoming Revolutionary Nonsense. I now had two blogs, plus this even-more-rarely updated LiveJournal. It was and is too much. Sometimes I weary of the Tu-Quoque-a-Deux that comprises most political discussion. Sometimes I don't feel the music. And sometimes I just want to write about something else.

The problem is not that I have nothing to say. The problem is that I am too restrictive in the saying of it. One Blog, for all my projects, all my whims and rants and projects, will succeed, I think, where the others have failed. Thus,, my new Blog of Blogs.

I have considered  that the impending birth of my first child makes this a less than ideal time to begin a new project. But that's why simplification is the key. I get the sensation that I will need this outlet these next few months, to quibble and reflect on the changes in my life. I predict that my passion for the 2012 Presidential Horse Race and Auction will flag when my baby smiles at me for the first time, as will my need to lay out my feelings on every last Rolling Stones record I own. But if experience has taught me anything, it's that my ambitions will return. I need a blog as flexible as my life is about to become. 

So this is my last entry here, unless I should decide to cross-post. Thank you for your time, and eyes. 
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